• Happy Dragon Boat Fesitival

    Happy Dragon Boat Fesitival

    —- Lunar May 5th, Shawei Digital wish you a happy and prosperous Dragon Boat Festival.   Shawei Digital are designed to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in June 2021 by hosting a “Birthday Party and Zongzi Making Competition”. All the employees were involved and try their be...
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  • Party building in spring.

    Party building in spring.

    Spring comes and everything comes to life,in order to welcome the beautiful spring, Shawei Digital Team has organized a romantic spring tour to the destination — Shanghai happy valley.
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  • Lantern Festival Activities

    Lantern Festival Activities

    In order to welcome the Lantern Festival , Shawei Digital Team has organized a party , more than 30 staff  are ready to make Lantern Festival at 3:00 PM.all people are full of joy and laughter.Everyone took an active part in the lottery for guessing lantern riddles.More ...
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  • The difference between Synthetic paper and PP

    The difference between Synthetic paper and PP

    1、 It’s all film materials. Synthetic paper is white. Besides white, PP also has a glittering effect on the material. After the Synthetic paper is pasted, it can be torn off and re pasted. But PP can’t be used any more, because the surface will appear orange peel. 2、 Because Synthet...
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  • PP / PET / PVC Self Adhesive Holographic Film In Roll Or Sheet

    PP / PET / PVC Self Adhesive Holographic Film In Roll Or Sheet

    Product Description Face material PET/PVC/PP Holographic Adhesive Water base/hot melt/removable Sheet size A4 A5 or according to requirement Roll size Width from 10cm to 108cm, length from 100 to 1000m or according to requirement Packing material Strong PE coa...
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  • labels and stickers

    labels and stickers

    Labels vs. Stickers What is the difference between stickers and labels? Stickers and labels are both adhesive-backed, have an image or text on at least one side, and can be made with various materials. They both come in many shapes and sizes – but is there really a difference between the two? Man...
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  • PVC Surface material types

    PVC Surface material types

    Transparent, glossy white, matte white, black, yellow, red, transparent blue, transparent green, light blue, dark blue and dark green.   Surface materials is uncoated, thickness can be chosen as 40um, 50um,60um 80um, 100um, 150um, 200um and 250um etc. Products feature   Fabric waterproof, m...
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  • Waterproof and durability of PP synthetic paper

    Waterproof and durability of PP synthetic paper

    Printing: the surface of the product is fine and smooth, and the texture is elegant. The printing performance of synthetic paper is very fine and sharp, which is not comparable to that of ordinary paper products. It can be used for posters, advertisements, catalogues and other products with high ...
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  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Party

    We had a warm birthday party in the cold winter ,to celebrate together and hold a outdoor BBQ.The birthday girl also got a red envelope from the company
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  • Online Exhibition for Label & Packing —Mexico & Vietnam

    Online Exhibition for Label & Packing —Mexico & Vietnam

    In Dec, Shawei Label held two exhibitions online for Mexico packing and Vietnam Labeling.Here we are mainly displaying our colorful DIY packing materials and Art paper stickers to our customer, and introduce printing & packing style , as well as function . Online show allows us to communicate...
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  • PET Surface materials types

    PET Surface materials types

    Transparent, matte transparent, glossy white, matte white, glossy silver, matte silver, glossy gold, brushed silver, brushed gold. Surface materials thickness can be chosen as 25um, 45um, 50um,75um and 100um etc. Surface treatment No coating or Water-based coating. Alcohol-resistant and fricti...
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  • Daily chemical label

    Daily chemical label

    Daily chemical products are closely related to our daily life. Such as Hair care, personal care and fabric care and so on, what create value for a better life, while labels make products more beautiful, convey brand culture and favor consumers. Product recommendation: (85μm Glossy and White PE / ...
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